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We need to think healthy and wisely

Many of us always think that world has changed for better or worse, but when we start to think seriously within, indeed not just the world but we are changing by minutes. In my opinion, in order to survive in such a harsh and unforgiving world, we need to embrace every new environment whole heartedly, even though sometimes we may not have wish and agree. What I certainly feel is that they could be many ways and one of the best way to protect and be successful , we need to think healthy , wisely and do right thinks because at the end of the day progress or failure all depends on how pursue our path. It is fact that nobody can bring changes in our lives and Awaken ones are there to just assist our need and they cannot change us unless we make first the move... Finally, it is our wish to be happy and wealthy and healthy and may we realize this dream which so close yet very afar for many. Sikkim. 31/12/12