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We must acquire three wisdoms to get blessing

Who believe in any religion, blessing and guidance are the things that most people are seeking to ever come their pains and hurdles in their daily lives. However, many times blessings many not come in right moment, because there should be such an environment to receive their blessings and when this do not happen then many believers tend to have doubts in their belief . For instance, there is a ge

neral believe that our blessing is like a hung and devotion is a like ring and without our devotion, ring cannot really pull us. In order to happen we need to create such favorable environment, and what this says that lot more depends on us not just awaken ones. I personally, believe that not just belief any religion, but our believes should be based on following factors, we must acquire three wisdoms First, by listening the right teaching or advice from qualified teachers. Second, contemplating the teaching that we have read or listened .Finally, whatever we have learned and listened we must put into practice and these are the best way to accomplish our goals.Sikkim.21/9/12