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We can make difference

Many mistakes and disheartening crimes are committed when our state of mind is weak or the eyes of wisdom are not present. To overcome such acts, awareness and mindfulness are the most powerful tools. They help to keep watch on us and to remind us of any good or evil intention that crosses our mind every day. Nobody can make us perfect or good-natured. It is us who have to make all the necessary efforts by doing the right things, avoiding meaningless and harmful evil actions. It is most important to apply what we have learnt from the Dharma or the teachings of Buddha into our daily life. What is important is that we need to work within ourselves and to recognize that most of the faults actually lie within us. Unless we are able to address these important issues, we are not going to find any solution in the near future. To overcome the consequences of our own wrong doing is to look within ourselves and not just by blaming someone else for our crime. For instance, if I am looking for myself then I can’t really find anywhere else, unless I say to myself this is me. Therefore, most solutions are within our reach and we just need to move on to overcome all the difficulties in life by recognizing that all the answers we are looking for actually lies within us. It is only by correcting our faults that we can bring a light of satisfaction and liberation. Have a nice day!!!