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We are so lucky

Since, human beings start to walk on this beautiful planet; we have never been free from selfishness and strong emotions. In such a difficult environment, if we wish others to take care all our responsibilities and needs then it is like wis

hing an all our dream true. In a real world, things could be quite a challenging and hard for us take anything for granted. However, if there is well one will always find a way to be happy, healthy and wealthy as long as we do not want more and more. In my opinion, success of life is not simply judge by how much or how famous but simply how contented and satisfied we are. I personally believe that we are Lucky because there are people who work very hard to reach the top but then there are equally many who think there is nothing extraordinary. If we recognize that we have this opportunity not to take all those troubles and learn to accept and move on with whatever success or failure in lives.Sikkim.8/12/12