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Unimaginable things can happen to anyone

Today, our needs and requirements are very different from parent’s time and one thing that we all need to know is that, we cannot really fulfill our desire even in our life time. As long as, we understand this unforgiving reality then we can consider ourselves as a wise person. Because there is no one who thinks that they are satisfied with life and what they owned. Let me say this very frankly to you, we are all looking for happiness, a good health and prosperous life styles. Thus, we are engaged in many activities to fulfill our wishes. Many times, we may try different ways to make our dream come true. However, sometimes life has something different to offer to us, and it is not always life agrees with our needs but rather we have to learn to live with what is on our table to except and be happy. However, it is not the end of the world, if everyone makes effort,then I would say that unimaginable things can happen to anyone ,who is willing to work with patient and right effort. Boston. 16/3/12