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It is true that there is no solution to every problem we face In our every day live. However, if we understand what is Creating the problem and problem itself, will at least reduces The pain that we may suffer .For instance, recently, Some of the professors did some testing on the rat and what They learned from that testing was mind boggling. They Separated the three rats and before the professors gave shock to The first rat, some kind of signal was given. The second rat . Was not given any signal and just a shock and finally, the third Rat wasn’t given any shock but just signal. At the end the results Were, the rat who received signals and shock and the rat who just Received signals but not shock seems to have less stress. However, The rat which never received any signals suffers the most stress. Therefore, we may not able to free ourselves totally from pain, Having said that at least if we know what is suffering will help to Be more prepare and less painful.