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To receive Blessing, we must have big devotion

We all truly believe in blessing and to receive blessing of awaken ones spontaneously; we need to create such an environment. It is generally believe that awaken ones are always there to guide us and bless to overcome our emotions and eventually assist us to liberation .Yet, sometime we tend to question such belief because we do not see and feel their presents. In my opinion, Blessing of awakens o
nes is like a sun, even though it is always presents but still occasionally we are not able to receive the sun light and its effects. It is nothing to do with the sun itself but it is all because of the cloud we are not able to receive. Similarly, if we do not extend our arms with devotion then most likely awaken ones are helpless because it only happens when both acts together. Therefore, in order miracles to happen, devotion is the key and many times we do lack such quality. 12/8/12