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The time has come to reconnect with each other

There was a time when we enjoyed quality moment with family members and playing together with so many friends, and when I think about it, it is indeed a golden age. Moreover, in such an environment we are able appreciate fresh air and admire open beautiful surrounding. In the 21st century , term of technology has advanced so much , however, we are losing human to human touch and simply connected to untrue world. Today, in a way when I look where our societies are moving toward it is quite disheartening. We are imprisoned by our own creation and we spend most of our free times in a tiny rooms and our world has become just one small square box. For instance, we may go for lunch or even for long holiday trips and most of us just spend times playing with phones and surfing nets and hardly spend precious moment with others. In my opinion, the time has come to reconnect with each other or else we may lose this moment forever. On my way to Bodh Gaya. 19/12/12