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Sweet Poison

There is nothing wrong to enjoy life and to live happily with our families or friends. Buddha has clearly said that He is not against anyone who is enjoying their life or owning wealth, power and fame.

In fact Buddha encourages us to practice giving, because it is widely believed that by giving more sincerely we will receive more and wealth is the source of temporal happiness. The problems arise when we start to have attachment and all other emotions. Moreover, so far in human history there are just a handful of people who are satisfied with what they owned and who they are. The main concern is that we can never satisfy the needs of our emotions and the things that we want. As psychologically, most will think that the more we have, the more we should own. Wealth, power and fame are like sweet poisons, they may taste sweet at the moment of achievement, but, it is deceiving and eventually will take away our precious life. Wealth, power and fame are in fact our main source of misery. Firstly, they are hard to come by and so need to struggle for them. Secondly, after accumulating, it is even harder to keep as it is very easy to lose them. Finally, it is up to us to recognize the ill effects of all the emotions caused by struggling for the sweet poisons. We must be vigilant not to let the emotions imprison us. In conclusion, we should enjoy and share with others whatever we own and don’t ever let those simply worthless emotions come into our way to take away our hard earned merits and happiness. Have a nice day!