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Precious Human Body

One may wonder why our human body is so precious. Our body is precious in comparison to other forms of life, As human body can achieve liberation from both within and the outside world.

Let me explain a little further. Firstly, we have to understand that, within, we are imprisoned by our own emotions and until we can free ourselves from those emotions, we can’t even dream of liberation from the outside world. For instance, we are imprisoned by our worries, anxieties, lack of satisfaction and many others that always come into our way to prevent us from achieving happiness. We can only release from such imprisonment by recognizing these poisons and eradicate them completely. Secondly, nobody made all those emotions and it is simply the creation of our ignorance. Finally, only by knowing that there is no fundamental foundation for all these poisons and if we have the will power and determination, we overcome all those poisons. In addition, whatever we are seeing outwardly is merely a creation of our own mind and if we are looking for freedom from somewhere else, it is just like finding water from distant mirage in a desert. This could be one of the reasons why we are still not able to find true liberation. Moreover, nobody is withholding the solutions from us. Simply adding to our greed, attachment and ignorance is like eating poison to shorten our life. Nevertheless, when our mind and body work together for the same goal, though it is difficult but it is not impossible to accomplish. Without such a precious human body for our mind to penetrate all those poisons, it is impossible even to dream of liberation!

To sum it up, it is because we have worked hard and that is how we have obtained this precious human body and not because we are lucky! So, please don’t be too relaxed, certainly we don’t really know when we will lose it and it is difficult to be “you” again!!!