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Now or never

I am blessed in a way to be able to see life in many different perspectives. Such an opportunity helps to enlighten me to understand the many surprises that life throws to me. Otherwise it is considered painful and miserable.

Along my journey, I learnt to respect and to see things more positively, even though, it is not as easy as you may first think. We always failed to respect others especially when they are still alive, and in fact we try to run over each other. Personally, I try to respect and admire anyone for their contribution to societies when he or she is still alive and not just when he or she dies. Sometimes, I feel funny that when we have a chance to care and respect, we don’t do it and the moment when someone dies, we try to find all sorts of good things about him. Finally, I totally agreed with you that it is not easy but by respecting and admiring others, it is simply receiving their care and love towards oneself. If we do not do it, we may never have this opportunity again. In summary grab this opportunity and make sure that our right attitude and contribution to societies become a source of happiness for all!

With love