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My schedule for 2013

My schedule for 2013
Feb 1st to Apr 25th Boston
Apr 26th to 30th Los Angeles
May 1st to 5th Hong Kong
May 6th to 26th Sikkim
May 27th to 29th Bhutan
May 30th to 6th June Singapore
June 7th to 13th Malaysia
June 14th to 20th Medan
June 21st to 27th Jakarta
June 28th to lst July Surabaya
July 2nd to 4th Pekan Baru
July 5th to 11th Hong Kong
July 12th to 18th Taipei
July 19th to 25th Kaoshiung
July 26th to 28th Taichung
July 29th Hong Kong
July 30th to 1st August Shenzhen
Aug 2nd to 3rd Chengdu
Aug 4th to 6th Shanghai
Aug 7th to 9th Beijing
Aug 10th to 25th Xining
Aug 26th Hong Kong
Aug 27th to 31st Sikkim
Sep 1st to 20th Belgium , Germany, Switzerland and England.
Sept 21st to Dec 21th Boston
2cd to5th Hong Kong
Dec 26th Delhi
Dec 27th Sikkim

However, as we all know all things are subject to changes, so maybe one or two differing dates may happen. It is as accurate as it is posted today! Have a nice day!