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Look afar then we will see the whole picture of our lives

Sometimes in anyone’s life may feel that I am worth nothing or useless and such attitude is not healthy and could be very harmful for many people. In my opinion, this is the moment where we need to look our entire lives from different pro

spective because ups and down are part of the learning process and it is sorely up to us how we going to shape our purposeful future by observing and doing the right things. Moreover, feeling may plays a very important part of our lives but we cannot really follow our feeling and start doing things because we may end up with more hurtles. I always balanced myself between moment of joy and pain and I can still find profound happiness within such an environment .This few years , I have also learnt that if anyone who embraces good or bad feeling too closely in their hearts then it becomes very painful . For instance, when we watch movies, we do not carry strong feelings after watching the movies but simply will go back to our daily rituals. Life is unpredictable and every day is a new day and we should look afar then we will see the whole picture of our lives.Delhi.3/12/12