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Life is not as Rosy as we may wish

As long as we can remember, we have gone through different levels of ups and downs in our life which is not necessarily beautiful or ugly. It is not just about what we want or wish for in life but rather how we can acclimatise every situation that is thrown upon us. Like the migrating birds, they have to travel over different continents to survive in different seasons of the year.

Similarly, we can’t change the environment but we certainly can change ourselves to fit into any situation if we are wise enough. Our life’s show has to go on and by being more realistic towards our goals or expectations, result may be better than hoping for something entirely beyond reality. Finally, we have to learn to grab every moment which in reality is an opportunity to make good use of every situation in life. In conclusion, we should be open to every idea and being patient also helps us in the long run. Be more mindful and develop true respect to oneself and others. Be guided by one’s own life experiences and with the help of wisdom eyes, we will definitely acquire happiness!