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Many times in life, we imprison our own freedom by letting anxieties, worries, expectations, success, hope, and more to control our way of life. Unless and until we free ourselves from those elements, we are never going to see the light of true freedom. Moreover, when we start to look for freedom from somewhere else, this is the beginning of our struggle and sadly that struggle may never end so soon.

Furthermore, the biggest danger for all walks of lives comes not from externally but within and if we do not work for betterment of our tomorrow then our future is already well written. We can’t afford to just relax and look for someone else to bestow us our needs, but it is for our own good to address our wrong perceptions and misconceptions. In addition, our own experiences tell us that expecting too much from others and looking for  liberation from someone else is not the way forward and never brings true freedom and genuine happiness at all!
To sum up, it is us who can bring our own liberation by following the right path, right attitude and finally discovering our own potential to decide our destiny and goals in life!
Have a meaningful day!!!