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1 What is Karma?
2 What are the pacific functions of Karmas?
3 Why we need to be careful of Karmas?
1 Karma literally means actions, and the actions of good, bad and neutral.
Karma, decides the journey of our life and there is a saying; “Whatever you are today is the effect of your actions an earlier and what kinds of tomorrow will depends on what you do today.
In addition, what this all tell us is that we can chose our own destiny, and no one else decides for us.
Therefore, we have to be responsible for our own action and the goals. If we are wrong nobody can makes we right and if we are right no one else can make us wrong
2 The functions of karmas are sopfiscecated and never failed its affects. Whatever we do every day, the acts of good , evil and neutral , we will undoubtedly has to face the affects , in terms of happiness , misery and just a neutral feelings. I would say, the details of our actions are well recorded and preserved and there is no era at all!
3 We need to be very careful of our acts, because we are the one who is going to face the effects of karma and very badly and so far the effects of Karma never failed!
In short summary, karma is not a Childs play and it means serious business!!!
Have a wonderful day!