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It is Love or Attachment ?


We all know that love and respect are very much a part of all walks of life and in fact it is a life line for many of us to live in peace and harmony with nature and within ourselves. Our own experiences tell us that when our heart is filled up with love and respect for oneself and others, we feel very pleasant and find absolute peace within. Let me share with you my understanding on the difference between love and attachment. First, yes, it is without doubt that to love truly is quite difficult. Second, once we loved, we will find true peace and happiness and finally, even when the time comes to give up love, we can let it go without having any hard feelings. Whereas for attachment, initially, we may feel happy but eventually, it will imprison us. Moreover, attachment is driven by selfishness and it gets stronger on each passing day and it soon becomes more of a burden than joy. So, the conclusion here is: attachment brings us more pain than happiness that we are all dreaming of. In summary, when we share our love and respect with others, we are not just giving but truly receiving. Have a nice day!!!