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Follow the Right path

Follow the Right path

Since we are young, we start to look for an internal peace and happiness, yet end of with more dissatisfaction and misery. Many times we start to wonder why we are failing and sometime we come close to blaming our own belief .The answer is not simple why we are failing, one of the reason could be depending too much on external sources for happiness or comfort such as wealth, power and fame .If that is a case than our goal will be short live and will be difficult to achieve. We can see around us, people who are powerful and wealthy not necessarily, are happy and satisfied. In addition, our environment is constantly changing by the days and our requirements changes accordingly. In such situation, instead of satisfying our attachment, we become the salve of our goal. Therefore, we have to appreciate and be contented as whom we are and what we own rather than trying to fill up the empty space of attachment. We should start with less ambition but give our best shot and whatever that comes in our way just accept whole heartedly.
Take care.