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Fight for true and total freedom

 We are all fighting for freedom which is an elusive dream for many individuals. Is freedom an achievable goal, and if so then how? It is my personal opinion that we are fighting day and night for our freedom and one way or another, it is becoming a more distant dream than something which is achievable in short time. True and total freedom does not exist anywhere in the world, but certain degrees of freedom do exist in the developed and developing world. Personally, I think that true freedom has to come from within. For instance, we are imprisoned by our own poisons, such as fear, temptation, desire, jealously, and attachment. As long as we are imprisoned by these poisons, no matter how we try to exercise rightfully our own freedom, we will never be free. Therefore, first we need to free ourselves from those poisons which is very possible. Second, we need to keeping fight for this noble cause, not only for ourselves but also for the next generation.