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Don't forget

Time after time, we are reminded by events such as the devastating earthquake in Sikkim. There are great lessons to be learnt by everyone and sadly, such events never discriminate who you are and where you are from. What it brings is misery and pain to all walks of life. One may say, this is the true face of samsara (cyclic existence). Unfortunately, we always keep failing to recognize the seriousness of such nature and we all have to pay the ultimate prices. Moreover, only way to win over such situation is to be aware of its nature and ill effects. By truly understanding the nature of impermanence, it helps to enlighten us. We will realise that life is not always rosy and perfect and facing ups and down are just a part of our life and so when we are still able, we have to make sure that the path we follow is the right one. Finally, whether rich or poor, famous or unknown, we all have to follow the same path. Therefore, even though, it is hard, it is worth it because nobody knows who is going to be the next victim and it is certain! Have a nice day!