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Buddhism is well received around the world and it is growing by the day. There are couples of reasons why it is admired, respected and followed by many individuals. First of all, Buddhism does not discriminate anyone and respects the belief of every individual. Buddhism believes in empowering individuals rather than making itself strong and respectful. In addition, it believes in equa

lity and true love for all is among the most important principle of Buddhism. Moreover, if you are not convincing what Buddha said, then you have the every right to question and reject, however, if your rejection lacks logic and sincerity then there is no merits in your argument. Moreover, freedom of each and every individual are honored and respected. Furthermore, as a Buddhist, we learn to live but not just earn a degree and settle rest with Buddha. Because Buddha clearly said, we should plan our destiny and you should earn it by doing the right thing s in life. Finally, if you work hard Buddha hood is yours not just reserved for few individuals.Sikkim.29/9/12 Have a meaningful day