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Every Drop of Water Fills the Ocean

Every Drop of Water Fills the Ocean

Courage is a jewel-like quality that we must cultivate and maintain in order to fight internal and external struggle! It is true that life is
unpredictable, yet we must put all our effort into prevailing over
uncertainty, lack of interest in humanity, and discouragement. In addition, failure and success are both just part of life, and without courage, our life becomes like coffee without sugar -- bitter and dark. Courage is a way to success. However, the wrong kind of courage -- false courage that promotes disharmony among communities, or lacks compassion or hurts others and causes many other kinds of miseries -- should be avoided. Further, every drop of courage counts, and the courageous acts of many will fill up
the ocean of wishes of all! Therefore, just as every drop of water is
needed to fill an ocean, so too is our courage needed to bring a brighter future for all of us!!!..