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It is hard to believe that we have a mind and it is much more difficult not to believe that we don’t have it. To many people mind is always fascinating and something hard to figure out. Every culture has a different way of explaining what mind is and its function. Let me explain according to Buddhist perspective: what is mind?

The hard part is, we can’t really show you the mind on our palm, yet we can’t even deny that mind is not present. What is mind? Mind is luminous and has an ability to cognize. In fact mind is the most powerful tool to enlighten us from unknowing and confusion. Poisons such as anger or attachment are the source of worries and discomfort; however, without facilitating our mind to be more aware of such poisons, simply trying to correct our attitude may not help. For instance I have to convince my mind logically why it is not healthy to have such attitude. Moreover, when we are able to convince our mind, any kind of difficulties can be overcome. Before we try to correct our body and speech, we need to understand and analyse our mind, so that mind can bring changes into our life for the better . There are two kinds of mind; primary consciousness and fifty- one secondary minds accompanying a primary mind and their functions are quite different from each other. Finally, meditation does help to get certain levels of tranquility and clarity to our mind. Such subject is profound and difficult to explain, however, it is something we can all learn and study in near future. I am just sharing with you why mind so important to study, analyze and understand, because once we are able to realize the true essence of our mind, we are Buddha! Oh Buddha!

With love