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Why we must share love

Since young, I have always heard a lot about love and compassion of the Buddha and Boddhisattvas. So today, I am learning to share the little bit I know about love and compassion. The more I learned about such powerful tool, the more it amazes and fascinates me.

However, I must admit that it is so wonderful to embrace love and compassion. Personally, I feel so blessed and find the true meaning of life through sharing with others. Moreover, I could see the reason why it is so important. First, when we fill our heart with love, it brings comfort and light of joy to oneself. Secondly, when we share with others, it brings smile and true sense of caring and brighten their life with satisfaction.

Third, it is the true source of our own happiness and liberation. Finally, I don’t blame Buddha why Buddha loves us, because that is how Buddha is born! Let’s share love with all!