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What is generosity? It is an attitude of truly sharing without any discrimination or any expectation. We are living in a closely netted environment and we all share almost 99 percent with others. For instance, we all share space, water, air, the earth where we live, and it is also not uncommon to share with others what we have in our daily life.

What is really uncommon is to be selfish and less respectful to each other. If we know the true meaning of generosity, it is in fact receiving respect, love and so much more from others, by showing how we care and respect and by sharing our responsibility and contribution to others. We are offering what we can. The purpose of life is to be happy. By such a sincere attitude, we bring the light of joy to many who would otherwise be facing the pain of hunger, or the pain of lacking peace of mind. Generosity comes in many forms. What really matters is that we give with an open heart and respect. After all, this is beneficial for all. Have a wonderful day!