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There is a misperception flying all over our head; that is we need to protect our own religion from external forces or it may fall apart. The fact is the other way around. Buddha said, “Buddhism will not be destroyed by anybody except by my own disciples and no one else.” The truth is whatever we believe is right, then no one can make it wrong. However, if it is wrong, even a thousand Buddhas can’t make it right. Who really needs protection? It’s us and not Buddha. If so, then how the Mighty one can protect us when we needed protection from all? True religion lies within our heart and the rest are just reflection of what is inside our heart! Moreover, your belief is your own property and should be private. Problem arises when someone tries to impose their beliefs on others. Finally, above all, you have to be a good human and we all need to respect the universal law which is love, mutual respect and protecting the right of all. Be open to all issues and most importantly, be a good human being.