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Loneliness is the time to reflect oneself

What does loneliness mean to all walks of life? Our narrow-minded views cause loneliness which is a suffering, kind of painful and full of uncertainties. We always feel insecured and vulnerable, because what we are seeing is simply the reflection of what we are harnessing within our heart, such as anger, attachment and ignorance.

They are the main source of pain, insecurities and misery. First of all, let me explain this to you. Before we begin with our difficult journey, we need to understand first of all that we are just a tourist visiting this beautiful and meaningful place in order to prepare for the next journey. Logically and practically it is proven that we are born alone and when we leave one day, we also have to leave alone. Moreover, when we are in a crowded environment, we are not able to reflect on oneself on how to be a good human being and how to improve our actions and to have the right state of mind. For instance, when you need to plan something, we have to be in a calm and peaceful state of mind. Therefore, loneliness or aloneness gives us great opportunities and time to reflect on our actions and attitude. As such, we will be able to make this wonderful life more meaningful for all! Have a nice day buddies!