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Change for better

I learnt not to change others but myself. By changing for the better, I am doing something meaningful and morally right. These days, we are involved in so many activities every day and our faults and wrong doings are a cause of concern to all of us. Unfortunately, instead of recognizing our own fault and sin, we simply blame someone else for our wrong doing and we want others to take the blame for us.

In addition, when we point fingers at others, it is not necessarily the faults of others, but simply the reflection of our own emotions which is shining out of us. Moreover, yes, it is true that doing right thing is difficult and it is not as easy as it is said. However, at the end of the day, we are the one who is going to enjoy the fruits of our hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, being easy may not be the answer for us. As doing wrong thing and committing sins seem less dangerous. However, when we have to face the music of misery and down falls, you are the only one who have to suffer for your own creation. Therefore, be mindful and we should always own up for wrong attitude. Whatever we do in life should be meaningful and purposeful to bring the light of joy and happiness to all! With love