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Success is never guaranteed and everything in life is impermanent.

Since very young, we are taught that only wealth, fame, and power will secure our future. Based on this belief, we are encouraged to study hard and once we have graduated from school, we are expected to work hard and earn lots of money believing that we would eventually be happy. However, in the process we tend to forget a few important things. First, from very young, we experience tremendous pressure due to high expectations which we may or may not notice. Second, we miss so many beautiful moments in our lives with family and friends, because we are thinking only about material goals. Finally, even if we go through all these steps, success is never guaranteed and everything in life is impermanent. The day will likely come when we may realize that everything we were hoping for are unrealistic goals and we might wish to go back and enjoy the previous moments of our lives, but we cannot because it is already in the past. Therefore, it is important to realize that life is precious, and in order to be happy, we do not have to possess everything. We should simply be content with who we are and what we have, and most importantly, we must work as hard as we can to make our daily lives more meaningful and happy within ourselves and with others, and this is what we call, "the propose of life."