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we should recognize wishes come with consequences, and be careful with our hopes

There is nothing wrong with hoping for something in our lives, because as ordinary people, we always tend to look for success, fame, prosperity, and happiness. However, we should recognize that such wishes come with consequences, and be careful with our hopes. For instance, one of the highly accomplished teachers, Sahara, told the following story in one of his teachings: There was a young girl who had a date with her boyfriend at midnight and she waited anxiously until very late night. She was thinking so much that she got really exhausted and stressed out, and far after midnight, her boyfriend never showed up. Subsequently, she let go of her hopes and expectations for his arrival and went to sleep, and managed to sleep very well until late in the morning. This story tells us that when we hope for anything, these wishes of ours may result in worries and anxieties. Hopes do not necessarily guarantee us happiness, but as long as we are aware of their consequences, then it is totally up to us whether we wish to spend our energy hoping or just have fewer expectations in our lives.