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Friends are a very important part of our lives

Friends are a very important part of our lives, and especially a friend who is there to support us and care for us whenever we are in pain and misery. If there is a friend who adds to our problems, then he or she is not a friend, but a problem. Today we are living in very difficult and chaotic environments, and due to our expectations and needs, we are putting ourselves in very stressful and unhealthy situations in our lives. In the name of privacy, we are also creating our own lonely environments. In such a lonely space, a good friend may be able to fill up this cold and empty space for us and make it warm and welcoming. Moreover, there is a unique kind of friend called a “spiritual friend.” This is friend who is not just there to share our pain; most importantly, this is someone who helps us pinpoint our own wrong actions and hidden misperceptions. Such faults can cause unbearable suffering and anxieties in the near future if they are not addressed skillfully. Therefore, in my opinion, we have to be open in our hearts to suggestions and advice, and this is where an effective and suitable solutions lies.