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Happiness and suffering are a natural part of our lives

Balance is the buzz word of today’s world, and I think this word has some logical and purposeful meanings associated with it. In my opinion, happiness and suffering are a natural part of our lives and if we can find a balance between pain and joy, then our lives can still be very beautiful and peaceful, even in the mist of a chaotic lifestyle. One thing that we all have to be aware of is that there will be always some who admire us and some who criticize us. In such environments, when we are happy, we should not let our joy overwhelm us, because this joyride may lead us to the suffering of change. At the same time we should not let our pain make us depressed, because this is just one of the rough patches on our journey and is temporary. If we can handle both happiness and pain in a skillful way, no matter where we live, then we may find happiness and satisfaction in our lives.