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Wealth does not guarantee us satisfaction or happiness

Wealth does not guarantee us satisfaction or happiness. In fact, wealth seems to increase our worries and concern for our future, as the greatest yogi Sahara rightly put it in one of his meaningful teachings. Sahara relates a beautiful story about a sea bird who was able to catch a big fish. This bird was carrying the big fish in its beak and flying happily. After a while, the bird started to hear noises behind him, and when this bird looked back, there were hundreds of other bird chasing him. The bird was trying to fly as fast as possible, but the faster the bird flew, the faster the other birds seemed to fly. Eventually, the bird just dropped the fish and was able to fly comfortably. When he look behind, he saw that the other bird that had managed to get ahold of this fish faced the same consequences. Therefore, wealth can be useful when we use it meaningfully and purposefully, however the moment our attachments take control of us, then wealth becomes the biggest problem of our whole life. Thus, in my opinion, we have to cultivate wealth for temporary but meaningful purposes for the benefit oneself and others, but we should never make wealth the most important part of our life, because at the end of the day, we will have to face the result of our stupidity and ignorance.