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There are two things we should do in our daily lives

Every night when we go to sleep and every morning when we wake up, we are beginning with a new important task in our hands which shapes our future. In my opinion, we have to be very careful with regard to our actions, because it is we who can really decide what kind of legacy we are leaving behind for the next generation and what we want for our own future. There are two things we should do in our daily lives: First, every morning when we wake up, we should not allow our minds remain distanced from mindfulness and awareness, since these are the most efficient protector and personal security to keep us safe from poisons such as hatred, jealousy, and attachment, which guarantee us pain. Second, before we go to sleep, we should recall what we have done from the time we woke up in the morning until we have gone to bed at night, and if we have done something admirable, then we should rejoice and commit ourselves to doing even better. But if we have committed any negative deeds, then we should regret engaging in such harmful actions and promise ourselves not to do it again. Only then will our future be bright and something that we can be proud of. Therefore, our future is in our own hands, and only by acting wisely and meaningfully can we ensure that we have safeguarded our own future and we will be of benefit to others.