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I remember you, but do you remember me?

“I remember you, but do you remember me?” This may sound very simple, but this happens everyday when people are hurt due to being ignored. Though we may have tried our best to help or assist someone, there are people who to tend to forget this kindness faster than we may have imagined. Indeed, many friends tell me that they have faced these kinds of situations. In my opinion, when we help someone, we should simply do it from our hearts without thinking about any reward, because otherwise, if we build up expectations for some reciprocation or gratitude, then if our expectations are not met, we may get very upset. Therefore, in these kinds of situations, we should think that when we help others, it is like releasing a bird from a cage. The moment we release the bird, it is gone and will never come back. We should simply let any expectations go from our minds as soon as we help others, and of course the merit will still remain with us. The best method is not to think about the rewards but to simply help others not out of compulsion, but compassion.