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Window of opportunities

As long as we could remember, our life have been stormed with lots of changes and this storm will only end on the day when we leave the so called home of Samsara. In the midst of all these happenings,

we have been let down many times by our misfortunes. However, if we really look deep enough, then those misfortunes are not as harsh as we initially thought. There are always ways to find precious diamonds of opportunities from muddy water of changes. Moreover, there are always reasons why things are happening in a particular way. It can be for good or bad reasons and it is up to us to learn how to work through them in our favour. For instance, if one knows how to make good use of poisons then even poison has a lot of good usage to offer us. In addition, changes that we are seeing is like a disc of opportunities flying all around us and we have to be matured and wise to grab the moment and move on with whatever our life has to offer. Finally, we can’t wait and pray for opportunities in life but rather be like a sea bird which catches the fish while flying in the air. Therefore, if we know how to look, opportunities are everywhere and we just need to grab it to move on. You are great but to become the greatest only happens when you are less eager to be one!!!