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What is mind?

Mind is something that fascinates many of us; there are many questions we may have about the mind and its function. What is mind? Mind is luminous and it has an ability to know things and understand deep insight. In addition, mind acts as a manager and it controls our speech and body moment .Once we lose control of our mid then we have lost control of almost everything in life. Sometime we also ca

lled mind as an untamed wild monkey because it could be destructive too. Nature of mind in emptiness and it is not just like an empty space because it has a quality to understand experience and fully realize. Self-nature of mind is luminous and it appears in two forms: First, mind takes many different forms such as external world and internal space. Second, form of mind is ability to grabs things, understand, differentiate and there are many other functions. Finally, appearances of mind are unstoppable and spontaneous. Whoever is able to tame their minds will be the winner from failures and attain liberation form all form of emotions. Therefore, whatever practice we are doing or learning is simply to tame our wild mind and only who is able manage to do that will sail through all hurtles in life and acquire the qualities of awaken ones. 13/812